House Street Remediation Update, October 12, 2023

As we previously shared on this blog, the planned work at our House Street property includes relocating and consolidating waste materials, along with construction of three separate engineered caps that will cover approximately 27 acres of the property.  The approved Work Plan with complete details can be found at this link, and at this link we shared a general timeline and a figure showing the location of the caps.

To keep the community updated on the construction status, we will post period updates to this blog.  To kick this off, please read below for a description of the work that RECON has completed to date and the planned activities at the House Street Property for the next two weeks.  Also, see below for an excavation plan that shows the work areas.


September 18 through October 6
– RECON prepared the construction entrance, upgraded the site driveway, graded the areas for the site trailers, and placed the trailers in the laydown area.
– RECON began excavating soil within the contractor laydown area and future retention pond.  That soil is not contaminated and will be used as berm material along the southeastern side of the Southwest Mound between Areas #11 and #8.

Week of October 9 through October 13
– RECON will begin excavating contaminated soil from Area #8 and placing it in the Southwest Mound.  They will use the non-contaminated berm material to extend the berm as they advance through Area #8.
– Depending on how quickly soil removal from Area #8 goes, RECON will begin the same process in Area #6 and begin constructing the drainage swale along the west side of the Southwest Mound.  They will then move on to Area #11.

Week of October 16
– RECON will continue/finish moving Area #11 into the Southwest Mound, continuing construction of the drainage swale.
– RECON will continue constructing the drainage swale along the Southwest Mound and moving contaminated soil into the Southwest Mound using the same methods described above.
– Depending on how construction progresses, and if RECON has excavated to design depth for the retention pond, they will begin importing stone for the bottom of the pond.

– No concerns to date.
– Baseline air monitoring data is available at this link
– A guide showing how to read and interpret air monitoring data is at this link
– Also available are air monitoring results from the weeks of September 17-23, September 24-30, and October 1-7  

Wolverine will be using this blog to keep the community informed as work progresses in the weeks and months ahead.  In addition, residents with questions are encouraged to contact Wolverine directly at or (616) 866-5627.

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