Tannery Work Plan Approved

Wolverine Worldwide is pleased to announce that the Revised Response Activity Plan (“Work Plan”) it submitted earlier this year for its former tannery property has been approved with conditions by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE). The approved Work Plan can be found at this link.

With the Work Plan now approved, Wolverine can continue preparing for the construction, operation, and maintenance of the groundwater interceptor system. This system is designed to intercept groundwater at the former tannery and prevent it from flowing into the Rogue River and Rum Creek. A detailed description of the system, including an illustration for how it will operate can be seen at this link to one of our earlier blog posts.

Next steps include continuing to optimize and refine the final layout of the trenches for the groundwater interceptor system, and completing the engineering and design of the temporary and permanent groundwater treatment systems. Additionally, we are identifying General Contractors to participate in the bidding process that will take place later this year. All necessary construction and regulatory permits are being pursued and site preparation is underway, including the removal of fallen trees and debris in cooperation with EGLE.

A summary of the anticipated upcoming schedule for prequalification, bidding, and mobilization is provided below.

October 20, 2023Contractor’s Response to Request for Qualifications
November 30, 2023Contractor Notification of Prequalification
December 2023Final Design Completed
December 8, 2023Bid Documents Available to Prequalified Contractors
January 2024Construction and Regulatory Permits Received (assumed)
January 26, 2023Bids Due
February 2024Contract Award
Mid – Late April 2024Mobilization

Wolverine will be using this blog to keep the community informed as work progresses in the weeks and months ahead.  In addition, residents with questions are encouraged to contact Wolverine directly at HouseStreet@wwwinc.com or (616) 866-5627.

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