Update on Cleanup Work at Former Tannery – Excavation Expected to Begin This Week

Wolverine is currently conducting cleanup work at the site of its former tannery, as further outlined here and here. Over the past two weeks our contractor has completed the following tasks, and photos of the work conducted to-date are included at the end of this post:

  • Brought trailers, construction equipment, and supplies to the site;
  • Fully fenced the work areas;
  • Conducted air quality monitoring;
  • Constructed temporary access roads;
  • Installed erosion and sediment controls
  • Temporarily re-routed the White Pine Trail as shown on this map; and
  • Cleared vegetation along the Rogue River

With these preliminary tasks either complete or nearing completion, we expect to commence excavation activities as early as Friday, October 17. This next phase of the work will start with the areas of sediment and soil being removed along the Rogue River, south of Rum Creek, as shown on this map. The process for this work will include:

  • Installing Turbidity Curtains in the Rogue River – turbidity curtains, also known as silt curtains, are designed to prevent the migration of sediment or other material from the site into the river, and they will remain in place during all riverbank construction and excavation work


  • Installing Water-Filled Cofferdams in the Rogue River – cofferdams are temporary, water-filled enclosures designed to help create a dry environment along the riverbank in which to conduct excavation activities. Examples of the dams we will be using can be seen at damitdams.com.


  • Dewatering Excavation Areas – once the cofferdams are in place, water within the dammed areas will be pumped out to create a dry work-space for the excavation. This water will pass through silt bags to prevent sediments from migrating into the river.


The EPA has approved this upcoming phase of the work, and will be on-site alongside Wolverine’s contractors. Any hazardous waste from these excavation activities will be sent to a landfill licensed to accept those wastes. All other material will also be transported offsite in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and we are working to finalize specific locations.

As excavation begins, truck traffic to and from the site will increase. To limit the impact of this work on neighboring residents, surrounding businesses, and the broader community, we have established a designated truck route as shown on this map.

We will continue keeping the community informed through regular updates on this blog, www.WeAreWolverine.com, and through information posted at kiosks and in other locations accessible to the public.  As always, residents with questions are encouraged to contact Wolverine directly at HouseStreet@wwwinc.com or (616) 866-5627.