House Street Update – March 24, 2023

Following approval late last year of our Work Plan to install engineered caps at our House Street property, we began on-site activities last month with tree clearing.  This phase continues to progress ahead of schedule, and will likely take 5-6 weeks rather than the initially anticipated 3 months.  We don’t anticipate a change in the amount of truck traffic to and from the property during this period.

In addition, we have been performing routine on-site air monitoring during the tree clearing in accordance with the Air Monitoring Plan we shared with EGLE and made available at this link.  Prior results reported here and here were good, with all readings below threshold limits and no yellow or red level alerts.  The most recent weekly results from this month also showed no alerts, with all readings well below threshold limits.  Please click here to review these recent results, click here for a guide showing how to interpret the results, and click here  for a map showing the locations of the air monitoring stations on the property.

We will continue keeping the community informed about this work, through regular updates on this blog,, and through information posted at kiosks and in other locations accessible to the public. As always, residents with questions or feedback are encouraged to contact Wolverine Worldwide directly at or (616) 866-5627.

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