Letter to Homeowners Regarding Water Filtration Operation and Maintenance

There have been questions regarding the operation and maintenance of water filtration system operation and maintenance. We wanted to share with the community a letter that is being sent to homeowners regarding this topic.

Wolverine Worldwide has offered to provide you with a whole house filtration system (“WHF”), which will be installed at your home by Kaat’s Culligan.  Specifications of the WHF can be found on Wolverine’s blog, www.WeAreWolverine.com, and details about the operations and maintenance of the WHF are included in this letter.

  • The WHF components include a pre-sediment filter, two carbon canisters, a post-sediment filter, a flow meter, and a UV lamp.
  • The UV lamp unit requires a GFI electrical outlet. If your installation location does not have a GFI outlet, you will be contacted by Allied or Town and Country Electric to schedule the installation.  The UV lamp does not need to plugged in to run the system.
  • Following installation of the WHF, approximately 200 gallons of water will be flushed through the system to check piping connections, sampling ports, and flow meter performance. Following this system flush, you may begin using your WHF system.
  • Post-Installation Sampling

After your WHF is installed and flushed, Rose & Westra/GZA will contact you to schedule initial sampling for PFAS.  Following initial sampling, PFAS will be sampled on the following schedule:

Annually – for homes that are non-detect for PFOA/PFOS

Semi-annually – for homes that are from 1-70 ppt of PFOA/PFOS

Quarterly – for homes that are from 71-1000 of PFOA/PFOS

Monthly – for homes that are from 1000-7,499 of PFOA/PFOS

Weekly – for homes that are 7,500 or higher for PFOA/PFOS

Results will be continuously reviewed and used to revise the recommended sampling schedule, if needed.

  • Filter replacement

After your WHF is installed, certain maintenance is needed for its continued operation on the following schedule:

Every 4 months – replace the pre- and post-sediment filters

Every 12 months – quartz sleeve and UV lamp replacement.

TBD – a schedule for carbon canister replacement will be determined based on the results of post-installation sampling

  • Post-installation sampling and filter replacement will be conducted at Wolverine’s expense while additional data is collected.


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