Wolven West Study Area – Sampling Update and Expansion of Whole House Filtration Program

Wolverine Worldwide will soon begin sampling wells for PFAS in the Wolven West Study Area – an area newly-established by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and located in the vicinity of Algoma Avenue between 10 Mile Road and 11 Mile Road.  The sampling will be conducted by Rose & Westra/GZA, Wolverine’s environmental engineers.

Wolverine began notifying homeowners on December 6, 2017, and sampling is expected to begin in the next several days.  All homeowners in the Wolven West Study Area are being provided with bottled water while waiting for their results, which we expect to be available within four weeks after sampling.

In addition, in our ongoing commitment to provide residents confidence in their drinking water, Wolverine has made the decision to extend its whole house filtration program to residents in the Wolven West Study Area that receive confirmed test results with any detection of PFOA or PFOS.  While the extent of any impacted area has not been fully determined, and sources are still being identified, we remain committed to the community and doing what we believe to be the right thing for our friends, family and neighbors.

Earlier this fall, Wolverine selected the Culligan/Calgon whole house filtration system, which relies on dual canister granular activated carbon adsorption.  This system has been demonstrated to effectively remove PFAS, and ensures that these compounds are not returned to the environment.  The Culligan/Calgon filtration system has been used to treat water for PFAS in over 1,000 homes outside Michigan, and Wolverine has already provided over 250 of these systems in the local area.

Residents in the Wolven West Study Area whose test results come back with a detection of PFOA or PFOS will be eligible to receive a whole house filter, and Culligan will contact them at that time to make arrangements for installation.

We will continue to keep the community updated about this issue through our blog at WeAreWolverine.com, and will post a map of the Wolven West Study Area on our Maps section when one becomes available.

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