Wolverine Extends Whole House Filtration Program

In our ongoing commitment to provide residents confidence in their drinking water, Wolverine Worldwide has made the decision to extend its whole house filtration program to residents in the MDEQ-defined Jewell and Wolven Study Areas that have confirmed test results with any detection of PFOA or PFOS. While the extent of any impacted area has not been determined, and sources are still being identified, we remain committed to the community and doing what we believe to be the right thing for our friends, family and neighbors.

Residents in the Jewell and Wolven areas who have received confirmed results with a detection of PFOA or PFOS, and who are eligible to receive whole house filters, will be contacted by Culligan to arrange for installation. Wolverine Worldwide is voluntarily paying for testing, bottled water service, single-tap filters and the whole house systems.

Earlier this fall, Wolverine selected the Culligan/Calgon filtration system, which relies on dual canister granular activated carbon adsorption. This system has been demonstrated to effectively remove PFAS, and ensures that these compounds are not returned to the environment. The Culligan/Calgon filtration system has been used to treat water for PFAS in over 1,000 homes around the country.

We will continue to keep the community updated about this issue through our blog at WeAreWolverine.com.

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