Where are PFOA/PFOS found?

  • PFAS are stable and ubiquitous in the environment.
  • People are exposed to PFAS in many different ways, including through common household materials, food packaging, carpet, apparel, textiles and paper.
  • While consumer products and food are a large source of exposure for most people, drinking water can be an additional source in communities where PFOA/PFOS are found in groundwater used as drinking water.
  • Greater than 99% of the Unites States population has either PFOA or PFOS in their blood serum. 95% of the United States adult population has background levels of up to 21,700 ppt for PFOS and 5,700 ppt for PFOA.  (https://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/pfas/pfas-blood-testing.html).
  • Essentially, PFOA/PFOS are virtually everywhere and in virtually everyone to some degree.
  • PFOA/PFOS have even been found in low population areas such as wildlife in the arctic and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula rivers.