How is Wolverine Worldwide being a responsible corporate citizen to the community on these issues?

  • Wolverine Worldwide initially began groundwater testing for PFOA and PFOS in April 2017 – about one month after MDEQ first asked the company to investigate.
  • Wolverine Worldwide has been part of this community for almost 140 years. We expect to be here for another 140 years. This community is our home.
  • The health and well-being of our neighbors is our top priority and we’re working on this issue quickly and responsibly.
  • Wolverine Worldwide has been working with the EPA, MDEQ, and other state and local authorities to test area groundwater for the possible presence of PFOA and/or PFOS, including at nearby residential wells and sites where tannery byproducts may have been disposed. As part of these efforts, Wolverine Worldwide has also installed over 70 monitoring wells.
  • Out of an abundance of caution and to be safer than the science, Wolverine Worldwide has paid to provide water to thousands of residents in over 1,500 homes while analysis of groundwater testing was conducted. Wolverine Worldwide also has paid for more than 1,500 groundwater tests, installation of over 500 whole house water filters and over 100 point-of-use filters, and installation and testing of over 70 monitoring wells.  Any home within the study areas using a drinking water well that has any detection of PFOA or PFOS has been given clean drinking water.